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Emergency treatments can be sent to anyone who needs it after a short telephone consultation.

Viatmin D deficiency is one of the most common reasons that people will contract respiratory infections. Why doesn't the NHS test people routinely for this and why do they not recognise the level in the blood of 100nmol/l as the scientific community does as minimum level for good immunity and gene expression in vulnerable (ill) people? 75nmol/l is the cut off level for bone health, below that the bones will suffer. Many people may have the vitamin D receptor SNP or gene mutation for VDR. In that case the requirements for vitamin D are higher. The whole country is suffering and it would help to know if all of those who become ill are deficient and when people are being "treated" for COVID19 what with? Vitamin D at 5000 iu's daily plus intravenous vitamin C at 15g daily could safely be used alongside any emergency treatment.

People at home can purchase vitamin D even in the absence of testing, do not rely on multivits they are far too low. At this time of year it is at its lowest because of lack of UV from sunlight over the winter months. The UV light reacts with cholesterol on the skin to make vitamin D. This topic was discussed in depth years ago when I did the MSc in Nutritional Medicine course at the University of Surrey. Only Functional Medicine doctors and Nutritionists seem to be aware. Its time that Nutrition was in mainstream as we are all suffering due to the attitude we are ill because of a deficiency of drugs and theres nothing we can do for ourselves. Never is good nutrition more important than now and in the future to prevent illness. More viruses will emerge in the future. From April onwards the UV strength returns so get out in short sleeves as soon as its warm enough for at least 20 minutes daily with no sun block.


Remember only your immune system can help you recover. 

Recovery from viral infections can only take place if the immune system is competent. Everyone needs to take high doses of vitamin D during the winter as lack of UV from sunlight means vitamin D levels drop very low. Vitamin D needs to be around 100 nmol/L in the blood (on a test) for immune competence and gene expression. The NHS thinks its OK if its around 50! Below 75 and bone is compromised. At this time of year, without supplementing, vitamin D levels are at their lowest. At the first sign of any infection take as much vitamin C as possible to "bowel tolerance". Take immune enhancing herbs such as Echinacea and Astragalus. Zinc and selenium are both often deficient so take supplements of these and take hot herb teas or any hot drinks. Many essential oils have strong antiviral effects amongst other properties. Specific immune modulating medicines from LaboLife can be taken. This is micro-immunotherapy a non-invasive treatment that provides the immune system with the same molecules as a competent immune system to inform it what to do.

Fear affects the immune system, don't allow this to take over during the current epidemic. Keep safe and be sensible. For more information and see more links see under Naturopathy. Find out about why fear is being used in desperation.

Would you accept chlorine washed chicken from the US? Our immune system is affected by our nutrition. Diseased animals/birds raised intensively have no place on the menu for those who wish to keep healthy. For those who do not care, expect an immune system that cannot cope with new viruses and continued ill health....health begins with our food choices in the kitchen