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Clinic of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine

At Rosa Medica Clinic we provide expert naturopathic, herbal, nutritional, and ecological treatments for an array of conditions. Using our years of research and practice experience we offer natural medical solutions in tandem with cutting edge scientific techniques. Treatment is based on a deep understanding of physiology and body function. Herbal medicines are formulated with top quality tinctures and extracts only available to professional medical herbaists. The choice of plant extracts and nutrients depends on a persons unique biology not a one size fits all approach. The endocrine and nervous systems will be evaluated and all basic blood work will be evaluated as with normal medical practice. A unique method of analysing thyroid hormone status has been introduced. This finds what your optimal thyroid hormone levels should be.

Its time to check your vitamin D level. Everyones vitamin D drops during winter as there is too little UV from the sun to act on the cholesterol in our skin. Low vitamin D is not only linked to bone health but also to gene expression. Low vitamin D is a risk factor for many conditions. Although we do not offer blood tests to non-patients, Vitamin D is an exception. If you are concerned or have children who may be at risk call us and book a simple blood test that we will send to a lab for the 25-hydroxy vitamin D test. 

We have a narrowband UVB light which stimulates vitamin D production and is an effective treatment for psoriasis and eczema. Narrowband refers to a specific wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) radiation which virtually eliminates superfluous and harmful UV by emitting only wavelengths 311 - 312 nmn this is the most beneficial portion of natural sunlight for skin diseases. See spa therapy list for details. This is a quick, safe and inexpensive treatment.