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Spa Treatments

Red Light Collagen Treatment 
Narrowband UV Light Treatment
Indian Head Massage
Paraffin Wax for Hands or Feet
Aromatic Full Body Massage or Back Massage
Hot Stone Full body or Back Therapy
Violet Ray, High Frequency
Paraffin Wax Facial
Ozone Steam Facial
Ionic Detox or Whirlpool Footbath
Torf Peat Pack with Moist Heat Back Treatment
Body Wraps, Magnesium, Seaweed, Dead Sea Mud
Sea Salt Glow Body Exfoliation
Ozone (or steam bath) sauna
Far Infra Red Therapy
Near Infra Red (heat lamp used in massage no extra charge)
Carbon Dioxide Dry Bath

The Spa Therapies are for everyone to enjoy not only patients being treated at the practice. Some people may be under the care of another practitioner. Some of the spa therapies may not be suitable for some people with medical conditions. Some electrotherapies may be contra-indicated in those with pacemakers or metal implants. Please ask if in doubt. Patients of this practice with medical conditions will be advised. For the body wraps for ladies we can provide disposable bikini briefs or just wear old briefs and bring another pair for afterwards. For men please bring swimming shorts.

Red Light Collagen Skin Treatment

Red light at varying wavelengths has therapeutic effects. The red light collagen lamp has been shown to have stimulating effects on collagen synthesis and it stimulates wound healing. Skin can benefit by lessening of wrinkles if used twice weekly for a few treatments. We charge £10 as a standalone treatment and if added to any other facial (if appropriate) it is £5. We offer a special price for a course of 5 pre-paid for £45.

anti wrinkle lamp

Narrowband UVB Light Treatment £4 per session (reductions on pre-booked courses)


Treatment sessions vary from 1 minute to 3 mins approximately depending on skin type 

We have a narrowband UVB light which stimulates vitamin D production. Narrowband refers to a specific wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) radiation which virtually eliminates superfluous and harmful UV by emitting only wavelengths 311 - 312 nmn this is the most beneficial portion of natural sunlight for skin diseases. Three benefits of UV exposure are production of vitamin D, improvement in mood, and increased energy. These are not tanning broad spectrum UV lights, no tan will be produced and NB-UVB does not carry the risks associated with those.

NB-UVB induces production of vitamin D in the skin at rates of up to 1,000 IUs per minute. This is useful in the winter months for patients who are very deficient in vitamin D (we can order a blood test to find what your level of vitamin D is). This form of UV light is very helpful for eczema, vitiligo and psoriasis. The improvements in skin after use of NB-UVB for psoriasis and eczema are because exposure to NB-UVB suppresses the overactive skin immune cells that cause inflammation. These therapies often work when other eczema treatments have not. If done properly they have fewer side effects than many of the prescription medicines and creams used for eczema.

A session takes only a few minutes and patients can receive treatment several times a week. Treatment with NB-UVB lamp to the face can be followed by red light to calm skin and it can also be combined with a special facial if desired (not every NB-UVB session). After many sessions complete elimination of eczema patched may be achieved, especially if a holistic anti-allergy treatment is also being used.

Carbon Dioxide Dry Bath £25, 30mins

The carbon dioxide bath or Nauheim bath was popularized by many of the early hydrotherapists. Carbon dioxide baths are used extensively in Eastern European spas to asist treatment in many conditions. They are either an actual water filled bath with carbon dioxide introduced, or naturally present in the water or the dry bath method we use. 

Oxygen and carbon dioxide are mathematically locked together closely. They are both linked to pH (acid/alkali) and cell electricity. When carbon dioxide and oxygen utilisation is low  the pH becomes more acid and cell voltage goes down. This leads to low core body temperature, which is a feature of CFS and often thought to be due to low thyroid function (it may also be), it all begins with poor oxygen or oxygen utilisation. A Russian doctor, Konstantin Buteyko developed the Buteyko method of breathing to increase carbon dioxide. Yoga teachers know that correct breathing is a key to health. Slow breathing increases carbon dioxide and increases alkalinity in the cells. Stressed people who breathe fast become acidic. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are two powerful tools that can be used together to safely treat many conditions. Higher levels of carbon dioxide leads to higher levels of oxygen. Even when oxygen stats are within normal range it is common for there to be poor oxygen utilisation, this happens in poor mitochondrial function which occurs in chronic fatigue and many illnesses. In people who cannot exercise due to chronic fatigue, or illness the problems are compounded and the vicious cycle continues. In cancer these issues are critical since cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen environment. These treatments are not a panacea but they go a long way towards complementing many other therapeutic approaches.

The closed carbonic gas bath (C02) or carbon dioxide dry bath plus far infrared is a way to introduce via transcutaneous application, carbon dioxide to the blood stream. This treatment is offered at many European health resorts particularly in Czech Republic. Rosa Medica Clinic is now able to offer this relaxing treatment. The reason it is so beneficial is because C02 widens blood vessels and it results in better oxygen utilisation, this is beneficial for a multitude of health problems. Towards the end of the treatment you will either have oxygen to breathe or you follow the bag treatment with an ozone sauna or oxygen/ozone may be introduced to the bag, following vacuum extraction of the C02. The latter options are discussed as treatment modalities on an individual basis. The dry C02 bath alone can be taken by most people. As with any medical spa therapy a form will be required to be filled in at the first visit.

The best way to produce carbon dioxide is from physical activity but most people with chronic illness and cancer unfortunately cannot exercise. Understanding how important bicarbonate and CO2 physiology can be to the chronically ill person involves understanding the basic physiology of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide has undisputed physiological and therapeutic effects due to creating a rightwards shift of the oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve. This reduces blood viscosity, dilates small blood vessels, increases blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces pain in muscles, removes lactic acid and it increases oxygen uptake by haemoglobin. 

During the dry CO2 bath you will be placed in a full body bag, while leaving your light clothing or just underwear on. Underneath the bag is a special far infrared blanket, quite unlike an ordinary heated blanket the far infra red pad emits healthful electromagnetic rays and provides gentle, relaxing warmth. The bag will be closed and only your head will stick out. First the air is removed from the bag and then the CO2 vapour will be introduced. Instantly you will notice pleasant warmth going through your body. The gas will reach your skin pores and enter your bloodstream. Your blood circulation will increase, while your body is in a completely calm position. That is why this treatment is also especially useful for the elderly. It can be used in a special version for leg treatments only where the limbs are bagged and suffused with C02 and followed with ozone.

C02 is recommended for:

  1. High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, circulatory disorders
  2. Chronic fatigue because it increases cellular metabolism
  3. Diabetics foot and all leg ulcers (ozone can also be used to treat infection)
  4. Skin problems, especially poorly healing wounds and eczema, cellulite
  5. Cardiovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease 
  6. Adjunctive treatment in cancer

Far Infrared Blanket (usually adjunctive to other treatments)

Far infrared rays provide a gentle and deep penetrating heat to the body to induce a high volume of sweat but at a very comfortable level of around 40-50° C unlike traditional saunas. The ray does not glow like near infra red heat lamps. Far infrared is the most beneficial and healing spectrum of the sun's energy and this method is tolerated well by people with fatigue. The energy is able to penetrate the body to a depth of 6 cm, inducing 2-3 times the sweat volume of a regular sauna, whilst operating at more comfortable temperatures. The head is out of the heat making it a more pleasant experience. After the treatment the body a shower is taken to remove toxins from the skin. It is ideal to follow with a massage. We have a portable infra red sauna that we hire out at a reasonable price for patients to use at home for removal of toxins.

Ozone Sauna £35 for 30 mins in sauna, plus showering time

Ozone is used medically by naturopathic doctors and is a bio-oxidative therapy. Oxidative therapies are different from oxygenation therapies such as EWOT where oxygen is breathed during exercise. Ozone treatment is oxidative and the effect is to upregulate the body's own antioxidant system, the enzyme catalase is increased after treatment. Ozone treatment increases the ratio between NAD and NADH in the energy making process with the net effect of increasing oxygen uptake and this results in improved mitochondrial function. The effects can be had from bathing the body externally with ozone. It has multiple effects that include inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. Ozone reduces red blood cell clumping and cell flexibility is restored, along with oxygen carrying ability. Treatment involves sitting in a small chamber with a high concentration of ozonated steam. The ozone saturates the body capillary networks transdermally. The entire body absorbs ozone except for the head so it is not breathed in. If used often enough, this method safely rivals medical intravenous ozone. One can choose to have an occasional session as an aid for good health but clinic patients may have a course suggested. Ozone  treatment is not a standalone treatment for any condition, rather it can be used as part of a treatment protocol for the individual. Package prices are available for this. The dry carbon dioxide as a pre-treatment is highly effective in helping the body's utilisation of oxygen. Ozone can be delivered in the dry bag method also and this is less tiring for some patients as it is done lying down without steam. We can also provide ozone insufflations, the ear insufflation is done via a humidifier and it helps treat sinus and related problems. Rectal and vaginal insufflations can be provided when indicated.

Sea Salt Glow Body Exfoliation £37, 30 mins plus showering time

While relaxing on a heated table pad, a mixture of Dead Sea salt and essential oil is massaged onto your skin. This removes dead skin cells when it is washed off leaving your body feeling silky smooth. Afterwards a shower is taken. Try this before any wrap or massage for reduced fee of £20.

Exfoliation is included before any body wrap treatment 

Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap  £55, 1 hour plus showering time

People have revered the mud found at the bottom of the Dead Sea and have used the rich mineral mix for healing baths and beauty treatments for millenia. Its high concentration of chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, and bromine help relax muscles, ease pain, and stimulate circulation, which makes it particularly useful in the treatment of dermatological conditions, such as psoriasis, acne, dandruff, eczema, and dry skin. Dead Sea Mud re-hydrates tired skin, deep cleansing and naturally increasing circulation and make the skin look and feel younger. The richness of the sea offers the perfect antidote for dry, mature and sensitive skin. We offer both facials and body wrap treatments with Dead Sea mud.

The wrap treatment start with dry skin brushing to remove dead cells while relaxing on a heated table pad. (We provide disposable briefs). Then a warm paste of Dead Sea mud is applied with a brush and you are lightly wrapped in plastic and special foil. While it works you have a foot massage. The muds negative charge is responsible for its amazing drawing and detoxifying properties: it is a magnet for many toxic elements present in the human body such as heavy metals and pesticides, which are positively charged. (Mrs Blackwell routinely tests for these in certain patients). The combined effects of the far infrared or ozone sauna and clay wrap are impressive. Patients may be given clay to use in the bath for continued home treatment.

Seaweed Body Wrap  £55, 1 hour

The wrap treatment start with dry skin brushing to remove dead skin cells while relaxing on a heated table pad. Seaweed contains a wealth of minerals especially iodine that can be absorbed through the skin. Pure seaweed gel is applied to the body before you are lightly wrapped in plastic and special foil. While it works you have a foot massage. As with all our products there are no chemical preservatives or additives, unlike those used in many salons and hotel spas. As the body eliminates toxins through perspiration, essential minerals are absorbed through the pores. This wrap has a relaxing and re-energizing effect on body and mind. It is highly effective in alleviating water retention. If you have a thyroid condition please enquire if this is suitable.

Magnesium Gel Body Wrap   £35, 45 mins

Magnesium deficiency is common especially in ill health. Topical application of magnesium chloride from the sea is an innovative way to boost levels and some patients are encouraged to use magnesium salts at home in baths in addition to taking supplements. The wrap treatment start with dry skin brushing to remove dead skin cells while relaxing on a heated table pad. Magnesium "oil" with a little added seaweed is applied before you are wrapped in plastic and foil. While it works you have a foot massage. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin and it is very relaxing and leaves the skin silky. 

Torf Peat Body Wrap (Currently Unavailable)

Torf Moor Mud from the Czech Republic is one of the most potent natural healing substances. This organic mixture contains a multitude of bio-minerals, humic and fulvic acids, amino acids and plant extracts that are easy for the body to absorb. It nourishes and rejuvenates tissues, detoxifies and reduces inflammation, a major cause of skin aging, wrinkles and many pains and illnesses. Following a quick body brushing, warmed therapeutic peat mud is applied to the body. Plastic sheets and special foil are wrapped around while you relax on a heated pad. While it takes effect you have a foot massage. The mineral-rich mud nourishes the skin, while it also softens, hydrates and tones. Currently the most performed mud treatment in European health spas, Torf moor mud is enjoyed by thousands of spa clients and naturopathic patients every year.

Torf Peat Back Pack with Moist Heat £30, 30 mins (Currently Unavailable)

This is a pure Torf moor mud ready pack, a moor peat layer enclosed in a plastic foil and a permeable cellulose sheet. On top of this a hydrocollator (heat carrier) pack is applied. This is filled with peat and therefore it has the same thermo-physical properties as the peat pack. It eases most musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, strains and sprains.

Ionic (aqua-electro) Detox Footbath £25, 45 mins

This electro footbath is used to draw toxins through the skin of the feet. This is a simplistic explanation and for patients with evidence (lab tests) of toxins whether VOC's or metals they will have specific advice on how to remove them. The ionic footbath increases energy both physical and mental, vitality, and stamina; at the same time it may help to detoxify the body of chemicals, radiation, pollution and other foreign material trapped in the skin layers that have clogged up the body's systems of elimination. A blissful foot massage completes the treatment.

Ozone Steam Facial £45, 1 hour

Spa Treatments Cheddar Somerset Rosa Medica ClinicA facial treatment with ozone steam to give a deep cleansing. It opens the pores and improves blood flow. It is very pleasant and also many people find it improves sinus congestion. After the steaming cool aromatic water is sprayed over the face. Next a massage to face neck and shoulders with special Rosa Medica oils. After this a suitable mask is applied. While it works you have a foot massage. The treatment is finished with a moisturising cream. Men and women can benefit. If preferred the facial is done without ozone steam and violet ray high frequency used instead. This treatment is very useful in many facial skin conditions. Mrs Blackwell will prescibe the most suitable masks and creams.

Bespoke Facial £40, 1 hour or £60 for additional pre-facial aromatic back massage 90 minutes

Enjoy a bespoke facial with a cleanse, tone (pure organic aromatic waters) and massage of face and neck and face mask. Or have the aromatic back massage first to set the scene for utter relaxation. The products can be chosen to suit your skin type. We only use organic products, flower waters and vegetal and essential oils. We can add a red light collagen treatment if desired. Currently we use Weleda products but also our own range of facial oils. Discuss your preferences or let your therapist choose for you. 

Paraffin Wax Facial £45, 1 hour

The overall effect of a paraffin facemask is a softer, firmer complexion that is more hydrated. This is a particularly good treatment for anyone with dry skin. It is a luxuriant, relaxing facial, which will leave you feeling and looking fresher and younger. The skin is cleansed and then a gauze mask with holes for the eyes nose and mouth is applied. The warm wax is painted on and built up to a thick layer. While it dries you have a foot massage. It is then removed in one piece and a moisturiser is applied. The skin appears plumped up and glowing.

Microcurrent (added to remedial massage session or if stand alone £20)

The treatment is applied via pad electrodes to relieve backache but it also has other far-reaching beneficial effects. Microcurrrents provide subtle electricity that resonates at a healing level. It leaves one with a sense of well being. If you have a severe back problem consider an appointment with Rosalind Blackwell for remedial massage or manipulation or consider osteopathy. Microcurrent or ultrasound may be used alongside.

Violet Ray / High Frequency £15 as a single treatment but it can be added to a bespoke facial or back treatment (£5 added to a back massage)

This is one of the Edgar Cayce treatments. It is an electrical vibration of very low amperage with a very high frequency administered via a glass electrode that contains argon gas. Violet ray currents have the tendency to establish a normal equilibrium of the entire nervous system. The ray provides a pleasant tingling sensation to the skin or scalp by its ability to increase oxygenation in the form of ozone. A normal healthy cell vibrates at approximately 100 millivolts, an aged cell is 50 millivolts and a cancer cell is 15 millivolts. The violet ray is like a battery charge. We are electrical, magnetic, colour and sound so it makes sense to balance our bodies with this same form of energy. The violet ray can also be used in a facial for acne or greasy skin and as a stimulating scalp treatment.

Hot & Cold Stone Therapy £55.50, Body 1 hour 15mins

Stone therapy is very popular as a spa treatment. It uses volcanic and marble stones to provide both heat and cold; the combination of alternating temperatures can be very beneficial. The hot stones are basalt volcanic rocks and cold stones are marble. The stones are heated or chilled to varying temperatures and come in different shapes and sizes. The heated volcanic stones are placed on the client according to their needs and used on key acupressure sites with aromatic oil massage. This provides benefits that are not possible through normal massage. During the session three types of essential oil blends are used that have been formulated by Rosalind Blackwell to firstly relax, then balance and finally energise. The hot stones relax the muscles, allowing for a much deeper massage. Cold marble stones can be used to alternate with heat to bring a local stimulating, tonic or decongesting effect. This never makes the client feel cold as warmth is assured throughout the session. The treatment takes the person through a series of sensory stimulations via sight, sound, touch and aroma. The treatment table is cushioned and warmed for maximum comfort. The room is dimly lit and soothing music transports one away. You emerge feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Hot Stone Back Massage £30, 30 mins

All the benefits of hot stone massage with an appropriate aromatic blend of oils chosen for the client for back treatment. Very pleasant and soothing but deep treatment of painful trigger points or tight muscles is possible.

Aromatic Body Massage £49, 45 mins

This is a soothing body massage with a relaxing blend of aromatic oils. The treatment table is cushioned unlike remedial massage or manipulative treatment and is warmed. Infrared heat is also used to relax muscles.

Aromatherapy £55 1 hour 30mins (on special offer £45)

Classical aromatherapy massage of face and body using organic essential oils from our Rosa Medica range to create specific effects for each person. The essential oils are selected not only for their therapeutic effects but also pleasing aroma. Inhalation of essential oils affects the limbic system (emotional centre) in the brain and creates harmonious feelings. Special massage techniques are used according to the clients needs. The treatment table is cushioned and warmed for maximum comfort. The room is dimly lit and soothing music transports one away. (NB as in any treatment please tell your therapist if the music is not to your taste)!

Paraffin Wax Hand or Foot £25, 30 mins

The use of warm paraffin wax on the hands or feet has a very soothing and therapeutic effect. In the foot treatment the feet are first bathed in a whirlpool bath with aromatic water to refresh and clean them. Next the warm paraffin wax is applied to the skin adding enough layers to cocoon the feet then bootees or mittens are put on. The treatment causes blood vessels to expand and it helps the circulation, bringing healing nutrients to the surface and flushing toxins out of the skin. It can ease painful joints and helps those with bad circulation. This is a very popular treatment especially in the colder winter months when poor circulation can be more of a problem. It comes highly recommended for anyone who suffers from arthritic joints

Combinations and Packages

Below are three packages of Spa Treatments that are available. Variations can be arranged if you would like to link several treatments.

Package 1 Sauna and Clay/Seaweed/Peat Mud Wrap

  • Dry skin brushing and sea salt exfoliation
  • Steam sauna
  • Any body wrap
  • Foot and scalp massage
  • Back massage with essential oils with infra red heat. Total: 2 hours £110

This focuses on improving elimination through the skin. People who have experienced toxic problems will benefit from this package. It is a pleasant and relaxing treatment. Far infrared is very gentle. Steam can be added for a stronger heating effect. Ozone steam is very cleansing and the oxygenation invigorating. The warm wraps draw impurities through the skin. The package finishes with aromatic back massage to restore whole-body balance.

Package 2 Cayce Cleanse (Two versions with or without colonic)

  • Abdominal Castor Oil Pack
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Ozone Colon Hydrotherapy (with Mrs Blackwell)
  • Steam Sauna (or ozone if without colonic)
  • Back Massage Total: 2 hours 30 mins, £140 or £120 without colonic.

This powerful treatment package utilizes ozone in both options. It begins with the castor oil pack, which aids detoxification in the liver and ascending colon. During the pack, reflexology works to stimulate organs and systems. The ozone colonic then cleanses wastes from the colon reducing stress on the liver, blood and lymph. Ozone eliminates many pathogens such as fungal overgrowth. To complete this package a back massage finishes the session.

A bespoke package can be designed on an individual basis please enquire and mention the sort of treatments you would like and we can discuss how to tailor a combination spa morning or afternoon for you.