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Naturopathy Rosa Medica ClinicNaturopathy is founded on the vis medicatrix naturae which means "the healing power of Nature". The aim is to use the least aggressive method, to prefer restorative methods that support the systems of the body and to remove obstructions to health where they can be found.

In the U.K. we don't yet have the same doctorate system as naturopathic doctors in the U.S.A. where a bachelors degree is a prerequisite before entry to naturopathic medical school which is a four year course. Most naturopaths in the U.K. are also osteopaths who have done a four-year combined accredited training. Herbal medicine (for membership of NIMH or CPP) is a 3 or 4 year bachelors' degree level training. Osteopathy was separated some years ago and is now state registered and graduates gain a BSc, not all osteopaths are naturopaths. Many more senior naturopaths elected not to register with the GOsC and use the term naturopathic manipulation instead of "osteopathy", as this is now a protected title. Naturopathy is holistic medicine in that it encompasses body, mind and spirit as far as possible and depending on the particular skills of the practitioner.

The Consultation

Rosalind is a registerd naturopath with the BNA and GCRN. She uses the term Naturopathy to encompass all the modalities she has trained in. The initial consultation is for 90 minutes. A questionnaire is sent to patients to be filled in and returned before the initial consultation. Rosalind is not a health or nutrition coach, she is a doctor of naturopathic medicine who will do a full consultation including physical exam if necessary with blood pressure, pulse and then after evaluation will make suggestions for lab work and some likely explanations and treatment possibilities. If blood tests are needed then after the results are in a report is sent to the patient with copies of tests and the report will summarize the findings at the consultation together with an interpretation of the lab work. An initial letter with treatment plan is included with the inital fee. The plan will be outlined with dietary and lifestyle suggestions (or a specific diet plan) and medicines/supplements will be prescribed. A follow up review consultation is likely to be a month or 6 weeks later.

Fees cover the time that you are in the consultation with me, as well as the time that I spend writing a post consultation review. I do not respond to emails unless I have suggested you contact me briefly this way or if I can give a quick answer to something. Please do not expect me to answer emails unless you prefer this mode and there will be a charge for my time as with phone calls. I never make a charge if someone is doing badly and needs urgent contact!

The naturopathic doctor's role is that of a guide who points out the options, explaining likely consequences on body, soul, and spirit of decisions that face the patient. All relationships involve a partnership, therefore even the best holistic doctors rely on the co-operation of the patient.

Methods may include fasting, dietary changes, nutrients, rest, massage, osteopathic correction, exercise, sunlight, fresh air, meditation, colonics, hydrotherapy, sauna and botanicals. Naturopaths vary in the methods they specialise in. Modern naturopathy is science-based holistic health care and this clinic incorporates both traditional and progressive naturopathic philosophies. It also accepts that there are situations where emergencies dictate that drugs or surgery are the appropriate treatment.

After 8 years of college (herbal medicine, naturopathic medicine and manipulation) plus extra training in functional nutrition, colonics, microscopy and more, 25 years of practice, and 12 years of research, a post graduate diploma in Nutritional Medicine, I firmly believe naturopathic medicine, in the broadest sense is the safest, most comprehensive, and naturally effective approach to medicine. It looks beyond the symptoms to the source, treating you as a whole person rather than a collection of separate, unrelated symptoms. You can't buy a drug that can do this. I am also a member of the BSEM a medical orgnization that offers ongoing training to keep members up to date with ecological and nutritional medicine.

There are Six Principles of Naturopathic Medicine that I and all other naturopaths have sworn to follow:

1. First, Do No Harm
The development of symptoms is part of Natures healing process. Allopathic medicine (the conventional medical practice of treating symptoms) interferes with this natural healing process by both hiding the symptoms and creating adverse effects that allopaths then treat with even more drugs.

2. Treat the Whole Person
True health (and curing) must go beyond the treatment ofsymptoms. Instead, naturopathy focuses on treating the entire body (as well as the mind and emotional-spiritual aspects).

3. The Healing Power of Nature
Nature heals, which means that the body has the ability to heal itself and it is the naturopathic physicians job to aid in this natural process. To ensure the body can heal itself involves regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and feeding the body nutritional food in order to move the body into health without the adverse effects that accompany synthetic pharmaceuticals.

4. Identify and Treat the Cause
The underlying root causes of disease must be removed for complete healing to take place. These root causes can exist at the physical, mental, and/or emotional-spiritual levels. In addition to alleviating suffering by treating symptoms, it is the naturopathic physicians job to help identifythe root cause of a disease to cure the condition.

5. The Doctor as Teacher
An essential part of healing is the role of the naturopath to educate patients and encourage them to take responsibility for their own health.

Please also see the Functional / Biological Medicine page.

The interaction of toxic environmental elements with human metabolism is critical in many disease states today. Doctors with a biological slant and Naturopaths, recognize ecological issues and are aware that toxic metals and chemicals can damage the body's biochemistry. Our treatments combine traditional methods such as infrared sauna, peat body packs and peat home baths with specific nutrients and herbal extracts that improve detoxification pathways. Blood tests taken before and after, together with resolution of symptoms is testimony to the effectiveness. This is where science and Natureare combined for best effects. Many chronic conditions can be treated and we believe that it is “more important to treat the person who has the disease, than to treat the disease the person has”. Mrs. Blackwell also recognises the importance of dental health and will liaise with dental surgeons experienced in using compatible dental materials and correction of jaw/bite function. Formercury free dentists see the register here

Also we have a high resolution, dark field / phase contrast microscope that is a revolutionary piece of equipment that allows practitioner and patient to view on a TV screen the blood cells and factors that relate to illness.