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We have ultrasound, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, microcurrent and we now have Photobiomodulation with the Weber red laser helmet and we have LED arrays and we also have the green laser detox method now available


Ultrasound is a therapeutic modality that has been used byphysiotherapists and osteopaths since the 1940s. Ultrasound is applied using around-headed wand or probe that is put in direct contact with the patient’s skin. Ultrasound water based gel is used on all surfaces of the head to facilitate in the transmission of the ultrasonic waves. Therapeutic ultrasound is in the frequency range of about 0.8-3.0 MHz.

The waves are generated by a piezoelectric effect caused bythe vibration of crystals within the head of the wand/probe. The sound waves that pass through the skin cause a vibration of the local tissues. This vibration or cavitation can cause a deep heating locally though usually no sensation of heat will be felt by the patient. In situations where a heating effect is not desirable, such as a fresh injury with acute inflammation, the ultrasound can be pulsed rather than continuously transmitted.

Ultrasound can produce many effects other than just the potential heating effect. It has been shown to cause increases in tissue relaxation, local blood flow, and scar tissue breakdown. The effect of the increase in local blood flow can be used to help reduce local swelling andchronic inflammation, and, according to some studies, promote bone fracture healing. The intensity or power density of the ultrasound can be adjusted depending on the desired effect.

Ultrasound can also be used to achieve phonophoresis. Thisis a non-invasive way of administering medications to tissues below the skin; perfect for patients who are uncomfortable with injections. With this technique, the ultrasonic energy forces the medication through the skin. In the clinic we often use a gel to reduce inflammation.

A typical ultrasound treatment will take from 3-5 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. In cases where scar tissuebreakdown is the goal, this treatment time can be much longer. During treatment the head of the ultrasound probe is kept in constant motion so the patient should feel no discomfort at all. Some conditions treated with ultrasound include tendonitis, non-acute joint swelling and muscle spasm. Contraindications of ultrasoundinclude local malignancy, metal implants below the area being treated, local acute infection, vascular abnormalities, and directly on the abdomen of pregnant women.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed negative magnetic field therapy increases ATP energy production within the cells. Sick cells that tend to be affected by heavy metals lack a positive charge and when treated with a negative magnetic field the cells electrical charge is changed improving the cells ability to function. 

Magnetic fields affect pain perception in many different ways. These actions are both direct and indirect. Direct effects of magnetic fields are: neuron firing, calcium ion movement, membrane potentials, endorphin levels, nitric oxide, dopamine levels, acupuncture actions and nerve regeneration. Indirect benefits of magnetic fields on physiologic function are on: circulation, muscle, edema, tissue oxygen, inflammation, healing, prostaglandins, cellular metabolism and cell energy levels. This treatment can be added to many other therapies for extra benefit.

Benefits of PEMF

  • Increased blood supply to all areas, body and legs
  • New blood vessels (revascularization) form where needed
  • Oxygen increase in blood and therefore muscles, tissues, skin
  • Increased oxygen use by all cells in areas treated with PMF
  • Polarizes in addition to standard polarization, the cell wall of all cells treated with PMF
  • Reduces swelling
  • Eliminates pain
  • No effect on heart rate or blood pressure
  • Ionic migration = movement of potassium, chloride, calcium, protein through every cell wall
  • Improved energy condition of all cells treated with PMF therapy
  • Resistance and body defences against infection and inflammation are optimized

Photobiomodulation: What is Photobiomodulation Therapy ?

Photobiomodulation therapy (PBT) is the therapeutic application of light energy to combat disease, repair injury, ameliorate pain, manage organ and immune system dysfunction, reduce inflsmmation and address a variety of neurological and age related health conditions.

PBT is also emlyed preemptively to avoid illness, prevent injury, improve brain health and cognition, promote wellness and to enahnace performance in sports and athletes.

What specifically does red light do in the cell?

Visible red light from a good high powered source and in the right intensity can penetrate skin by up to 25mm. There are a variety of cellular structures that absorb light energy including the mitochondria:

  • Mitochondria can absorb red light due to a key energy producing copper enzyme (cytochrome c oxidase) which absorbs light at various wavelengths between 600-1000nm. This helps in chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • Metabolism in the mitochondria is usually restricted by a biologically active molecule called nitric oxide, which binds to cytochrome oxidase and prevents it from using oxygen. Red light acts by photodissociation (or detaching) this nitric oxide molecule, allowing cytochrome to resume its energy producing metabolic function.

  • Red light has been shown to improve the structure of water in cellular cytoplasm and other areas of the body, providing a functional benefit to all cellular processes. The improved surface tension of cells may also improve ion exchange.

  • Through a complex but well understood process, cytochrome helps to synthesise ATP

Different wavelenghts of red light are used for different purposes

For skin care wavelengths of 615 nm and 670 nm are optimal but for medical applications 810 - 850 works best. Lasers and LED lights are used. Confusingly the term Laser Energetic Detox with green lasers is termed L.E.D which is done with lasers not light emitting diode arrays. 

Red light Is anti-inflammatory better than NSAID’s. Neuro-inflammation is very bad, light therapy to the head is useful. In insomnia inflammation, red light reduces this and aids sleep. If excess glutamate in the brain, red light will reduce it. 

Here is a link to Dr Ellenburg talking about the Weber red light helmet therapy. This can be used for any kind of neuro-inflammation such as PANS/PANDAS and ASD:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNB7s3uusZg&t=3520s 

Green Laser Test and Treat with laser Energetic Detox (L.E.D)

Laser Energetic Detoxification (LED) speeds up and amplifies the process of frequency based detoxification. LED was developed in Germany and introduced in the USA by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD with many practitioners now incorporating their own forms of light therapy into detoxification programmes with successful outcomes for patients. It is a very simple, non-invasive method, based on light principles of Quantum Physics to eliminate a toxin in 24 1/2 hours. Signal Enhancers have been developed by Dr. Klinghardt and used in this modality to enhance the signal sent at the speed of light. It is a method that enables a practitioner to eliminate toxins from the terrain thereby making the terrain not such a favorable place for the organisms in the person to thrive. It is basically the passing of a biophoton light through a clear glass vial of a homeopathic form of the toxin (6x, 12x, 30x, 100x, 200x all in the same vial) onto the entire body in a sweeping fashion causing the body to release/resolve that toxin. It is actually sweeping onto the layer of light or light body that surrounds the physical body and communicates with every cell in the body way over 100,000 times/minute. Knowledge of Autonomic Response Testing, Dr. Klinghardts form of assessment that tests intracellularly, in the matrix and the organs. It is a very deep and accurate form of kinesiology and is valuable for those incorporating energetic detox to choose the correct toxin, remedy and to prioritise treatments. 

Toxicity & Auto-Immunity: It might seem impossible to become allergic to a normal human molecule - the immune system just won't recognize as "foreign" a molecule that has been present within you since birth - but this statement is not precisely true. If the immune system "tolerance" T cells called T regulatory cells are too low, there is a loss of tolerance to self and if the Th17 cells are too high there is a strong possibility of loss of self tolerance with tissue damage. If a person is exposed to a non-human (toxic) molecule that enters the body and it binds to a normal human molecule the immune system will react to this hybrid molecule as foreign, and the antibodies and other immune mediators produced will then cross-react with the normal human molecule. This is the process of biochemical auto-immunity, the result of toxicity. In any autoimmune disease natural medicine  or integrative medicine physicians will look for toxins such as heavy metals or glyphosate, weedkiller Roundup) and many other toxins because it is known these can trigger autoimmunity.

If the normal human molecule was a neurotransmitter involved in sleep. From this point on the body will react to this particular molecule and the person will never again enjoy a full night's rest. Let's say the normal human molecule was involved in reproductive health; from this point on the reproductive cycles will be out of balance. The more toxins that we are exposed to, the greater is the chance for ill health based upon this principle of auto-immunity. The toxins can trigger genes we have to express when a person may have genes that could be turned on, but they may never turn on in a persons lifetime. People who have done genetic testing such as 23andme can see if they have a possibility or risk for certain conditions - but it is the triggers such as toxins which are relevant here. Here is a link to Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD talking about laser detox and photobiomodulation: https://restoringbalance.org.uk/photonwave/ 

Acupuncture Points

Applying an acupuncture needle to a specific site will influence structures deep within the body, along the Meridian stimulated - this is the basis for acupuncture anesthesia and acupuncture therapy in general. It turns out that a laser beam of specific frequency can stimulate an acupuncture control point. In light energy detox (LED), the homeopathic frequency treatment for the pinpointed toxin or toxins, is placed into a pure glass, non –lead containing vial, which is attached to the laser pointer like device. The laser beam is directed through the treatment vial, converting it from a pin point into a line. The body is then "painted" with the linear laser beam. During a LED application all metal is removed from your body (jewelry, clothes with metals, belts, electronic devices), but the patient remains lightly clothed. By painting the entire body, we make sure that the appropriate acupuncture control points (of which there are thousands) are stimulated. The message is then carried into the body, to the cells, which respond by dumping this particular toxin out into the circulation or into the interstitial space between cells. Next we paint the patient (now with particular attention to the palms, ears, and the bottom of the feet) with a laser beam containing the frequencies of the detox support agents determined on your Kinesiology Testing evaluation. These frequencies help your body escort the now liberated toxins out of your body. Last we paint the patient with frequencies directed against the auto-immune process previously set up by the toxin in question. We will also prescribe the patient to take specific nutritional supplements or chelating (metal binding) agents just before and over the 24 hours following the LED session, aiming to complete the rapid detoxification process.

LED vs Chelation: With standard biochemical (EDTA or DMPS) chelation therapy, the chelating agent binds to and removes a toxic agent, for example, lead, from the blood. As the blood lead level is rapidly decreased, a little lead will leave the cells and enter the blood, following a concentration gradient. A second chelation is carried out one week later, lowering the blood lead level, and then a little more lead will leave the cells. If we chelate the patient enough, over and over, we will eventually get most of the lead out of the cells, but his process is inefficient, because our chelating agent, EDTA, cannot get into the cells where 99% of the Lead is. With LED (green laser detox) for lead, the cells are induced to dump out their lead; then the detox support frequencies applied and the oral chelating/binding agents we give the patient will escort this released lead out of the body. LED thus has the potential to rapidly accelerate the detoxification process.

Neural Therapy without Needles: In German Neural Therapy, a needle is used to inject detox agents, and/or procaine into  deep recesses of your body or into scar tissue to eliminate interference fields. An alternative to needles is the photon approach which is referred to by Dr. Klinghardt as “Neural Therapy without Needles”; an elegant, non-invasive alternative to traditional injections used in Neural Therapy. The Photon Pulser drives the laser beam, bearing the desired detox frequency, into the toxic foci, "jarring loose" the toxic substances. Within the LED session the patient will be Photon Pulsed over the toxic foci determined by the kinesiology testing evaluation. LED also allows the practitioner to address toxicities that previously could not be addressed, including pesticides, herbicides, solvents, and hydrocarbons such as formaldehyde and benzene. The goal is to remove all the toxins from the patients’ body, with the aid of LED.

Dental Issues

Here is a link to watch Dr Lee Cowden MD talking about laser therapy and dental issues and how the architecture of the teeth and hard palate can affect the whole body: