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Research for the Financial Times suggests the NHS in England will need up to 40,000 extra beds by the end of the decade to deal with a "rising tide of illness" among post-war baby boomers. The paper says that's the equivalent of 65 new hospitals, requiring investment of between £17bn and £29bn! This is like having a house full of clutter and instead of clearing out the clutter you build an extension and fit more cupboards!

Why should we accept a "rising tide of illness? Would it not be sensible NOW to prevent a lot of unnecessary illness by methods to promote good health. People don't have to steadily deteriorate they have choices. Of course Big Pharma does not profit from good health. The health of a large proportion of people in the UK and in the USA is appalling. It is up to individuals to learn about how to improve their health and it should be the duty of doctors to teach them how. Hippocrates: "Doctor as teacher"

Functional Immunology is the glue that binds together the key elements of functional medicine. Immunological mechanisms are the basis for inflammation, allergy, autoimmunity, GI disorders, receptor downregulation that affects glycemic and hormonal issues, metabolic problems related to fatigue and chronic pain, and virtually all other problems that are common in functional medicine practice.

Solving complex health problems is not always easy but with time, patience and a shared approach between patient and practitioner it can be done together working on an individual's unique biology.

Functional Immunology is a clinical treatment approach using evidence based protocols in the use of specific nutrients and plant extracts or other methods to influence the immune system favourably. Its really a more intelligent use of what naturopaths, herbalists and nutritionists have in their tool box.

Naturopathic Medicine is a comprehensive approach to health, treatment and prevention utilises nature-based therapies. It is sometimes thought to be a "soft" approach but nowadays it encompasses all that is written above. It recognises the necessity of pharmaceuticals in certain situations, it incorporates Functional Nutrition and Functional Immunology as well as herbal medicines and many physical modalities.

Please note that at present Rosalind is currently a sole practitioner on four full clinic days weekly with part time reception assistance. We ask that existing patients do not email their symptoms with requests for advice, this needs to be done by telephone appointment. There is no direct email to Rosalind, all emails are dealt with by staff. 


The clinic is open every day from Monday to Thursday. Currently there is no clinic on Fridays.


Clinic hours are currently 9 - 5 Monday to Thursday. 


There is reception on Monday and Tuesday with Melanie 9.00 - 1p.m. and Wednesday and Thursday with Cara from 9.30 - 4.30.