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Methylene Blue, Infrared Light with Transcranial Stimulation and Mitochondria in the Brain

A Mitochondrial Marriage made in Heaven!

Perfect partners! Methylene blue is a very safe old medicine and red light is a very natural treatment and they are administered in very different ways, they both share a mechanism of action: enhancing the electron transport chain in the mitochondria. Methylene blue has a biochemical effect, while the near infrared light has a biophysical effect. We have the German made Weber transcranial laser helmet in the clinic to apply photobiomodulation. We also have different IR panels with differing wavelengths. Treatments every 2 weeks have good effects but add methylene blue and it's a mitochondrial marriage made in heaven! We suggest adding some ascorbic acid crystals to dissipate the blue dye effect before taking. This does not affect the function but avoids getting blue lips and teeth!

While methylene blue donates electrons, near infrared light donates photons. Methylene blue is administered orally and reaches the brain through the bloodstream, whereas infrared light is applied transcranially. But in the end, they both enhance cellular metabolism and oxygen consumption to produce energy and, therefore, have neuroprotective effects against cognitive decline. Please note we do not supply any medicines or herbs to the public, those interested can visit Dr Myhill's website. We do offer the red light transcranial therapy as 15 or 30 minnute sessions.

Both are also cost-effective and, if carefully administered and have virtually no side effects. It is critical to only use pure methylene blue as we use in the clinic and Dr Myhill also sells. It is not suitable for everyone and it is not compatible with certain medications.


Functional Immunology is the glue that binds together the key elements of functional medicine. Immunological mechanisms are the basis for inflammation, allergy, autoimmunity, GI disorders, receptor downregulation that affects glycemic and hormonal issues, metabolic problems related to fatigue and chronic pain, and virtually all other problems that are common in functional medicine practice.

Solving complex health problems is not always easy but with time, patience and a shared approach between patient and practitioner it can be done together working on an individual's unique biology.

The Initial Consultation of 90 minutes includes a thorough case history, after which each patient receives an Initial Report which sets out a tailored step-by-step Recovery Plan, including laboratory tests, dietary and initial supplement recommendations.

Chronic health issues are complex and often affect multiple body systems. The process of recovery is stepwise and takes place in cycles.  This is a process of collaboration between patient and practitioner where patient response to interventions guides the next move.

Functional Immunology is a clinical treatment approach using evidence based protocols in the use of specific nutrients and plant extracts or other methods to influence the immune system favourably. Its really a more intelligent use of what naturopaths, herbalists and nutritionists have in their tool box.

Naturopathy is a comprehensive approach to health, treatment and prevention utilises nature-based therapies. It is sometimes thought to be a "soft" approach but nowadays it encompasses all that is written above. It recognises the necessity of pharmaceuticals in certain situations, it incorporates Functional Nutrition and Functional Immunology as well as herbal medicines and many physical modalities.

We welcome Nicola a qualified medical herbalist who is liasing with Rosalind using Functional Immunology methods. Nicola is available on Thurdays at present to see new patients.

We ask that existing patients do not email their symptoms with requests for advice, this is not confidential and it needs to be done by telephone appointment. 


The clinic is open every day from Monday to Friday. Rosalind does not see patients on Friday's

Nicola Bradshaw is available on Thursdays and Fridays


Clinic hours are currently 9 - 5 weekdays