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 Good News

Professor Anthony Brookes from the UK Office of National Statistics:

He said "Covid no longer posed a significant threat to "the vast majority of people". " We will not be in anything like the same place in January 2022 as we were in January 2021. Infected individuals are at dramatically less risk of becoming seriously ill or dying than a year ago".

He added: "Over the last month the risk has been dropping further thanks to Omicron now accounting for around 95% of cases in England. Omicron is around 4-fold less dangerous - it's like Natures vaccine."

This is great news as this mild infection is spreading like wildfire whether you are masked or not, vaccinated or not, had boosters or not. This mild infection for most will be the best thing that could happen. Notwithstanding vulnerable people who should avoid crowded places over winter. Natural infection with a less dangerous virus and natural immunity will protect everyone. Natures vaccine - Hallelujia!


Naturopathic Medicine is a comprehensive approach to health, treatment and prevention utilises nature-based therapies. It recognises the necessity of pharmaceuticals in certain situations, it incorporates Functional Nutrition and Functional Immunology as well as herbal medicines and many physical modalities.

Please note that at present Rosalind is a sole practitioner on four full clinic days weekly with part time reception assistance. She is seeking to streamline her workload. We ask that existing patients do not email their symptoms with requests for advice, this needs to be done by telephone. There is no direct email to Rosalind, all emails are dealt with by staff as in any medical practice. If advice is needed please ask for a telephone call with Rosalind, if you are already on a treatment plan this will be for 15 minutes free of charge once a month until resolution, or a good management of the health issues, is reached. If more time is needed it can be booked. The clinic is no longer supplying medicines or supplements to people who are not on a treatment plan. Past patients can ask for advice as usual if some medicines are needed and we will assist. We hope that this structure will be far more satisfactory in the effort to help with patients recovery with the limited resouces we have.


The clinic is open every day from Monday to Thursday. Currently there is no clinic on Fridays.


Clinic hours are 9 - 5 Monday to Thursday. 


There is reception on Monday and Tuesday, with Melanie and Wednesday and Thursday mornings with Cara from 9.30 - 1.30.