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Consultations & Fees

Mrs. R. Blackwell ND MRN MNIMH MCPP LCSP (Phys)

Initial consultation (90 MINS) £120
Repeat consultation (30 mins) £40
Short consultation (for minor ailments) 15 mins £20.00 30 mins £40.00
Children's initial consultation (Under 10's) (30 mins) £40.00
Children's follow up (15 mins) £20.00
Short consultation and 1/2 hour treatment (45 mins) £50.00
Ozone colonic irrigation (includes probiotics) (1 hour approx) £80.00
Blood draw (free at first consultation)   £15.00
Doctors letter   £25.00
Remedial massage/manipulation (30 mins) £30.00/£35.00
Body massage (aromatic oils) (45 mins) £50.00
Ultra sound (electrotherapy) sessions (15 mins) £20.00
Ozone Sauna (1 hour appt. 30mins, show plus 20 mins rest)   £35.00

Laboratory test prices vary according to the test ordered. It is helpful to bring copies of any recent test results done at your GP surgery to save costs. Routine labs (we use The Doctors Laboratory) such as full blood count are not particularly expensive but specialist laboratory studies (Biolab, Acumen, Genova) are more expensive.

*             Telephone (15 mins £20), all consultations (by appointment only) £80 per hour

*             Herbal medicines from £5.50-£6.50 per 100 ml (often 1 weeks supply)                                                          

*             Vitamins, minerals, capsules etc. prices as competitive as possible for the quality

*              Notes: If a procedure is booked and a short consultation is wanted, the treatment time will be reduced to keep appointments running to time.  Note that follow-on time may be charged for.  Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are chargeable at half the normal fee.