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Experience The Healing Power Of Nature

We provide naturopathic, herbal, nutritional, and ecological treatments

Relax and Rejunvenate

A range of Naturopathic Spa Treatments for everyone

Chronic Fatigue?

We provide natural treatment in a relaxing atmosphere

Gain Harmony Of Body & Mind

Enhance your psychological and physical well-being through aromatherapy

Clinic of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine

NEWS: Saturday Clinics Starting in August with Dr May Lynn Yeap MD

Dr May Lynn Yeap is a paediatrician and she is also an experienced specialist in Ecological and Integrative Medicine. She is also trained in the PK protocol. See her Bio for Full Qualifications

At Rosa Medica Clinic we provide expert naturopathic, herbal, nutritional, and ecological treatments for an array of conditions. Using our years of research and practice experience we combine multiple techniques to offer natural medical solutions in tandem with cutting edge scientific techniques.